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Patriot Awards or Bust! How I sculpted Brian Kilmeade.

Here are a few photos and loose thoughts about the making of the bust of Brian Kilmeade I presented at the Fox Nation Patriot Awards in St. Petersburg Florida. I put myself in a time crunch for this project - one week from the day I won my tickets to the awards and offered to make the statue to present, I had to actually present it. Here's how I made a statue in a week.

Here's the start. I had to get a lot of photos of Brian online to make sure I had the proper facial dimensions. Without having Brian present, this is the easiest way to get an idea of where to begin.

Awesome! Done with the first part. Now it's time to make the mold for our final cast. This mold is done in two parts: the first is an orange-pink rubbery substrate to keep all the small details in the copy, and the second is the harder fiberglass-based shell which helps the piece hold its structure.

Here's the new cast of Brian, with the now-inside-out rubber mold.

And here's the finished product, plus a little shining!

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